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Who we are 

We’re globally proven air delivery specialists, bringing to market qualities honed in extreme military settings. We get things done.

Company profile

Registered in England and Wales, Pegase Airdrop Logistics International Ltd (PALI) is a subsidiary of Pegase Airdrop SAS (France).

PALI is a provider of integrated logistics, aircraft services and airborne customized solutions to overcome operational challenges encountered in austere environments, remote aeras or disaster relieve operations.

PALI has been built on 30 years of military expertise and real-life experience of providing airborne logistics and flight operations in these inhospitable areas.

Our teams are multilingual and highly skilled, which allows us to provide high quality service no matter the environment. 

PALI is able to operate worldwide for client Industries including Government and Defence, Mining, Oil & Gas, International Organizations and other operators.

Let’s transform today’s obstacles into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our model


  • Advanced control of airlift and airdrop operating standards and procedures
  • Professionals from airborne logistics and military ground-handling operations backgrounds
  • Multimodal approach to logistics optimization (priorities, deadlines and costs)


  • Feasibility assessment and logistics engineering discussions with the client
  • Setting up and configuration of a ready-to-fly aircraft
  • Responsive mobilization of the flight crew
  • Continuous coordination of flight operations management with the client


  • Uncompromised alignment with international aeronautical standards and norms
  • Experienced and highly qualified teams (trust, precision and low profile)
  • Capable of high flexibility and reactivity in case of emergency situations
Pegase Airdrop - Austere and secure logistics.

Our Team

Cohesive team with huge expertise with rapid, top-level response to your needs.

Elite team experienced in executing in challenging environments

Ex-Military professionals from Airborne Logistics, Air Force and military airfield operations

Notable experienced and qualified personnel: Accuracy, Professionalism & Trust

Thousands of flight hours in hostile locations

Fully and immediately interoperable with your team

Pegase Airdrop deploys an operational interface with Flight Managers monitoring air operations in close coordination on the ground with the end client.

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